Foto by Carmen Jasmyn Hoffmann. SMB-Team: Lilly Kufner, Nicola Demmin-Siegel, Timea Csontos

From the headquarters of her first media office in Munich, journalist and video producer Nicola Demmin-Siegel, for many years producednumerous TV documentaries, image and advertising films throughout Europe. Since relocating to Berlin in 2003, the SMB team Berlin has successfully represented actors, professional models and new faces and placed them with German and international commercial production companies and photographers.
Since March 2009, the well-established SMB team has also been involved in the agency Vamos! Actors Berlin.
Nicola Demmin-Siegel has specialized in representing actors of many different nationalities. SMB Siegel-Models-Berlin has successfully casted movie actors for international television and film production companies.

Timea Csontos was born in Hungary, is also a journalist and has been part of the team since the beginning – booking and vice president.